Go Team Go | The Talent behind CCFD

Anyone who knows my business knows that CCFD rocks not because of me, but because of my team.  This team and these women are legit.  While I am always grateful for them, that sentiment reigns true even more deeply this season. They literally pulled this season off while I spent my time being a mom and running the business side of things from home.  While I missed being involved in the day to day, I cannot tell you how good it felt to have a team I trust wholeheartedly.  They rocked it this summer and I am so grateful that they were able to take the reigns and GO and I was able to treasure moments I know I will never regret being home for.  Finishing this season is bittersweet.  I will always fondly remember this season of CCFD and my life when I look back on these pictures.  These are friendships that I will treasure always.

And now, because it's fun, I want to tell you some of my favorite qualities about each of these amazing young women! (Pictured left to right below):

JENISE: I don't even know where to start with JENISE.  She's been with me for 6 seasons - whoa!  She has been through so many changes with CCFD and has weathered each one with a smile on her face.  One day we figured she's probably designed about 1,500 boutonniere in those years.  She is a crazy talented floral designer and often designs her own weddings on the side.  I'm just so thankful I snagged her just out of floral design school.  What I love most about her is her consistency and loyalty.  She is kind, warm, funny, and surprising.  I can't wait to see her rock it as a new momma in just a few short weeks!

(I'm skipping me because that'd be weird to talk about myself, right?!)

LIZ: Again.  Where do I start?  I love this girl like a sister.  I believe God connected our paths 4 years ago on purpose and I'm so thankful.  Liz has treated this business like it was her own from the very first day she arrived and helped grow CCFD to the place it is now.  She is persistent in her growth and is constantly keeping herself challenged with new learning.  She also always has a restaurant recommendation ready to go for whatever you're in the mood for.  She's a loyal friend, full of love for God and others.  Also, she is in the midst of starting her own floral design business and I'm convinced she will own the world in a very short amount of time.  Check her out at Siloh Floral Artistry.  

BETHANY:  Besides being able to rock a short haircut the best of anyone I know, Bethany is what we call a "PLOP."  Like when God made her, he plopped on those talents (instead of like a "sprinkle").  She is literally good at everything.  She sews crop tops, does the most beautiful hand lettering, she paints, she takes gorgeous film images, and in just three years went from knowing very little about floral design to being a VERY talented floral designer.  She is also hilarious, thoughtful, quirky (one of my favorite qualities about her), and kind-hearted.  She just opened a new etsy shop Called Hey Betty Art and lucky for you is selling some gorgeous prints!

ASHLEY: Ashley is just super cool.  She's the friend you secretly hope offers her hand me downs to you (she actually did this for me for maternity clothes - it was awesome.)  She is so chic and stylish and fun.  And so down to earth.  She is humble and kind and conscientious of others around her.  She also always has a funny story or a good YOU TUBE recommendation.  She is an inspiring mama and wife.  She also is kicking butt and taking names with her booming floral design business.  Check her out at Park Floral Design.  

LYDIA (Sadly, she's not pictured here!): LYDIA IS THE BEST EVER.  But seriously.  Lydia was our intern this year and we all fell in love with her.  She is literally so sweet and kind to everyone and has the best attitude.  She loves the Lord and it shows in pretty much everything she does.  It spills over.  She is also just a CAN-DO woman.  She hustles at wedding installs (a quality you just can't teach!) and just straight up gets things done.  She has been so faithful and has personally encouraged and inspired me this season in ways she could never understand.  She is also a talented floral designer with a budding new business...check her out on Instagram (her handle is francesfloraldesign).  

Also, Michele Hart is the best of the best.  Her work literally takes my breath away.  So grateful for her talent and friendship and these awesome photos of my team!  Thanks to blanc for letting us use your space for these photos.


Whimsical Wedding | Cottonwood Glen

True story:  One of our favorite client families to work with of all time called us to design their second daughter's wedding (which is is always such a compliment and treat!  See their other daughter's wedding here).  We were thrilled to get another opportunity to work with them.  Then!  Their venue had to shut down unexpectedly and they were left without a place to be married.  So, talk about making lemonade out of lemons!  This amazing family decided to open up their own wedding venue at their family-owned sporting club, Kiowa Creek in Bennett, CO.  So they did.  Their inaugural wedding at the venue was their very own daughter's wedding and let me tell you, it was BOMB!!!  We were so so excited to work with them on this wedding and love the unique ceremony space they created.  Just look!  I can't think of anywhere else in Colorado quite like this.

They also designed the most perfect cocktail hour/outdoor pergola area with room for a nice tented outdoor reception on a grass lawn.  It's literally perfect.  So the secret is out.  You need to be married at Cottonwood Glen!  You won't be disappointed and I am 100% confident you will have some new friends after working with them.  Cheers to you, Brianna!  You were the most gorgeous, amazing bride!  So excited for this new chapter in your life!  xoxo

VENDOR LOVE: Floral Design: Cori Cook Floral Design | Photography: Brumley & Wells | Paperware: The Wells Makery | Wedding Coordination: Isabelle Kline | Design & Venue: Cottonwood Glen | Cake: Intricate Icings | Ribbon: Frou Frou Chic


Romantic Denver Wedding | Michele Hart

I love when I get photos back from a wedding we did and it looks like it wasn't located in Denver at all (no offense Denver - you know I love you!), but perhaps in some farway European city.  That is the power of this gorgeous bride, these amazing architectural shots, and the film photography genius behind Michele Hart Photography.


VENDOR LOVE: Floral Design: Cori Cook Floral Design | Photography: Michele Hart Photography | Planning & Design: We Tie the Knots | Linens: La Tavola | Reception Venue: Grant-Humphrey's Mansion


Hops Wedding | Denver, CO

I read a quote the other day from the creative director behind Chanel and Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld.  It said "Trendy is the last stage before tacky."  I felt like breathing a sigh of relief, agreeing so deeply with this simple statement.  I have wrestled over the last 8 years, to arrive at "my place" in floral design, namely a signature look and feel that regins true in all the weddings we design.  I've always wanted my bride to look back upon her flowers 20 years down the road and have them still feel beautiful and relevant.  And I think we've finally found our stride.  The last three years of design have been an absolute blessing.  We know who we are and classic designs in textural, colorful palettes is the name of the game for us.  We're really not the trendy pick and I love that.  And now that we know who we are, it's easy to walk confidently and not apologize for who we are.  It makes saying yes to the right things and saying no to the wrong things SO MUCH EASIER.  Classic is a good thing.  So is knowing who you are!  How I wish I could go back in time and start my business again knowing this.  Even so, I wouldn't change the journey, not one bit, because it has led me to this precious discovery.

This wedding is a perfect example of relevancy to culture (a running beer-theme throughout - perfect for fellow Denverites) and yet, I still feel like it was designed in a way that felt classic and true to our signature style.  I also loved all the creative ways that this theme showed up in the design of this wedding. Hops were in boutonnieres and bouquets and hops garlands were centerpieces that ran the length of long wooden tables.  Hops garlands were even hung from the ceiling, suspended over tables.  Arrangements were designed in beer bottles and other amber glass vessels.  I also love love love this team and always will: We Tie The Knots + Cori Cook Floral Design + Kerinsa Photography.  It's a win every time!


VENDOR LOVE: Floral Design: Cori Cook Floral Design | Photography: Kerinsa | Planning & Design: We Tie The Knots | Reception Venue: The Tivoli Center | Linens: La Tavola