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Behind the Scenes at CCFD w/ Amy Caroline

Floral Design is hard work.  Like physical, tiring, on-your-feet-all-day, floral-glue-stuck-to-your-hands hard work.  I once had an employee who soaked in a hot, sudsy bath after a long day of floral design and I don't blame her one bit.  So often we only show the end result of all that work, when our arrangements are perfectly placed (ahem, staged for a photo) on gorgeously coordinated linens among perfectly styled props.  So it's always fun to show what happens behind the scenes at our studio Wednesday-Saturday during wedding season.  The reality is FLOWER EXPLOSION.  Flowers everywhere and a beautifully coordinated chaos of design happening.  It really is so thrilling.  

Here's a little look into our world on a design day.  We left the bucket cleaning, wax removing, and vase prep out for asthetic reasons - ha!  Oh, and you may see a sweet little miss who happened to join us for this day.  I figured you wouldn't mind!

Thanks, Amy Caroline, for so beautifully documenting this day!!!  To see more, check out her blog and some tips on why we think flowers should be a high priority in your wedding budget (DUH!)


Team Photos | Laura Murray Photography

Anyone that has been a friend to Cori Cook Floral Design knows that I (Cori), have never wanted to do this adventure alone.  When I dreamed of being a floral designer, I always pictured a staff full of friendships and the happy, silly chatter that would likely happen while we designed beautiful bouquets of flowers.  Over the last 5 seasons, this little staff has grown into a team that I am both amazed by and extremely proud of!  These young women are another extension of my family.  I love them all not only for their talent and contribution to CCFD, but for their friendship and support in my life.  

This winter, we met up with Laura of Laura Murray Photography and Jessica of A Vintage Affair Rentals, and took some lovely staff photos.  I love how they turned out. 

Stay tuned for next week's blog series that will give you a more personal look into the lives of these lovely young women (and man!)


(Pictured Left to Right: Liz, Morgan, Cori, Michael, Jenise, and April)